Hilton Dive


Hilton Dive, a Dutch metal band was founded in early 2008 by bass player Michael van Loon, drummer Gijs Joosen, singer-guitarist Pim van Zuilen and guitarist Koen Koniuszek. The driving force behind these heavy metal enthusiasts and friends is a desire to produce a unique raw kind of mix of heavy styles like Trash, Sludge, Death and Post-Hardcore Metal. The group's main musical influences have been groups such as Cult of Luna, Mastodon, Opeth, Red Fang, Pantera and Slayer.

Their first self-titled demo was released at the end of 2008, also known as 'Falling cat' due to cover artwork by Fleur van Zuilen. After playing the local venues, the band got to play at the Breda Barst festival in 2010.

Released in late 2011, the 5-track EP 'Huginn & Muninn', was recorded in one weekend and consists of compact songs with a leading role for harmonized guitar riffs, double bass drumming, and an emphasis on melody. Many gigs were played and EPs sold, but Hilton Dive thirsted for more.

May 2015 - Hilton Dive launched its first full length studio album called 'I am become death' with producer Daan Janzing (Red Vultures, My Favourite Scar). The band created a 10 track monster which, without a doubt, is their best work yet. The custom album cover by Rutger Termohlen and unique packaging, makes 'I am become death' a collector's item for both metal heads and art lovers. Hilton Dive's 2015 tour is set for venues all over Europe. Go check them out, buy their stuff. You won't regret it.
To be continued...

Hilton Dive 2015


Michael van Loon bass
Pim van Zuilen vocals/guitar
Koen Koniuszec guitar
Gijs Joosen drums


I Am Become Death (2015)

01 Surrounded By Screams
02 On Death Ground
03 Behind The Mischief
04 Disaster Of Puppets
05 The 5th Horseman
06 'I am become death'
07 Pancurium Bromide
08 Little Boy
09 Scars
10 Fader

Huginn & Muninn (2011)

01 Storm
02 Repulsion
03 Restitution Of Isolation
04 Nothing
05 Skin Of Hatred

Hilton Dive (2008 demo)

Hilton Dive - Demo

01 Hilton Dive
02 Falling
03 Question
04 Will Survive
05 Locust